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May 10 2013


Merchant Cash Advance | Busines Loan

  What are the benefits of a merchant cash advance? Well to begin with a merchant cash advance does not oblige you to pay upfront costs such as applications fees, startup fees and all sorts of ridiculous closing fees. A merchant cash advance features a repayment method that is more flexible than any bank loan. Typical bank loans strictly need you to repay them a fixed amount monthly. Which means that the merchant may not always have that money available, which may lead to late fees and a hit to their business credit and personal credit score. Merchant funding is more flexible, plus the required monthly repayment amount depends with the performance of the business income. Merchant cash advance is more convenient as they do not usually impose overly expensive penalties if you happen to miss a payment due date. The repayment for a merchant cash advance is simple and effortless. It’s a fixed agreed amount of future credit card sales. And if for some reason your business income is slow and you can’t sustain the repayment percentage that was agreed upon in most cases the merchant cash advance lender will lower your percentage to safeguard your business.

 Merchant Cash Advance is a service used by business owners to achieve advance financing for their companies. It is particularly useful for merchants who operate in the retail or service-oriented industries, such as restaurants, clothing retail, grocers, furniture stores and more. These businesses usually need large amounts of cash up so that they can purchase inventory and supplies. The world of business lending and finance is full of hard to understand legal terms that can make the common business owner feel overwhelmed and in most cases shy away from it. Rest assure that securing funding for your business doesn’t always need to be so scary and overly complicated. Underwriters will ask you for your plan to use the funds such as, need funds for expansion, emergency money, covering overhead, paying taxes, renovation, increasing inventory, and payroll.

 A business line of credit, merchant funding and bank loans sometimes serve as the lifeline of several entrepreneurs. A merchant cash advance are often best suited for business owners who need short term funding to give his or her business a chance to thrive and grow bigger. Business cash advances can be a daunting but necessary task. By taking a little time and doing your homework and on cash advance lenders you can learn the sometimes tough questions to ask to get you the best deal possible. Making a list of your needs and objectives will keep you on the right page when seeking money. Each lender has programs designed to cater to specific needs of the merchant, not all are created equal. Going over your options in detail with you lender will ensure that you apply for funding that you can qualify for thereby saving you time and money. A merchant cash advance is a lump sum payment to a business and its based off the small percentage of future credit card and debit card sales. Sometimes you might work with a broker who has several lenders they work with that can do all the hard work of shopping around for you. The broker is most often very seasoned in the industry and can be a great deal of help when seeking a merchant cash advance.

 If you are looking for more information about the industry or are looking for financing the visit http://www.merchantcashcloud.com with one application you can reach out to over forty lenders. I’ve heard great success stories from merchants that have working with Merchant Cash Cloud.
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